Joseph Goebbels Would be so Proud!

Posted by Olivier Melnick on February 23, 2022

I like to remember Joseph Goebbels as the short-lived Chancellor of Germany in 1945. He inherited the title the day that Hitler committed suicide, on April 30, 1945. He held that title for one day until he poisoned his six children and committed suicide with his wife on May 1, 1945. So, he was Chancellor for a day, but the real damage that he inflicted on European Jews was in the years leading up to that day.

Joseph Goebbels was Hitler's Reich Minister of public enlightenment and propaganda from 1933 to 1945. He had belonged to the Nazi party since 1924. As Minister of propaganda, Goebbels was responsible for the brainwashing of German citizens through the dissemination of antisemitic literature, painting the Jewish people as subhuman and vermin needing destruction. His role for the Third Reich was to convince the German people that the Jews had to be eradicated. He was rather successful. He was also an accomplished orator who practiced his speeches ahead of time with precision and attention to body language. He wanted to convey authority. Not long after his 1933 official appointment, he organized a Nazi book burning. Books considered subversive or promoting any ideology contrary to Nazism were destroyed. It was "Cancel Culture" before its time.

When German diplomat Ernst Vom Rath was assassinated in Paris in November 1938, Goebbels orchestrated the production and distribution of antisemitic materials to be released by the press. The German people had been indoctrinated for a few years already against the Jews and Goebbels gave an inflammatory speech on November 8, 1938, at a meeting of the Nazi Party, and incited the people, something he was very good at. It didn't take long for the situation to grow into a full-blown pogrom and boycott of Jewish businesses. It became known as Kristallnacht (The Night of Broken Glass) and it is recognized by historians as the starting date for the Holocaust. According to the dictionary, propaganda is "the spreading of ideas, information, or rumor for the purpose of helping or injuring an institution, a cause, or a person." The German people would not have bought the Nazi agenda if it was not for Goebbels' well-oiled propaganda machine.

Goebbels knew that in order to indoctrinate a large number of people into believing in the validity of a cause he had to work tirelessly at spreading lies and rumors. He did it through speeches, rallies, book burnings and literature distribution. He also helped to write the now-famous Reichtag's speech of 1939 when Hitler announced that if a war would take place, all Jews would be annihilated. Eventually, the propaganda ministry took over the radio industry and the film industry, leaving the German people very little chance of hearing and viewing anything other than Nazi propaganda. Goebbels didn't come in one day and decide to take over communication and change it all to antisemitic propaganda. He moved slowly and strategically, and so are the anti-Semites of today.

In the last few weeks, there has been a seemingly well-orchestrated distribution of antisemitic flyers in the United States in North CarolinaFlorida, Colorado, California and Texas. Some of these awful flyers were just found in neighborhoods of Colleyville, Texas, where a synagogue was attacked, and a rabbi and congregants were taken hostage a month prior. What are we to make of these flyers?

Some people are trying to brush off the incidents as stupidity while others are simply picking up the flyers and throwing them away, not giving them any attention. In some cases, this would be the appropriate response; but considering the increased hatred for Jewish people recently demonstrated all over the world, these flyers cannot be ignored. They are definitely a symptom of something much more sinister. I believe that they are part of a greater propaganda campaign to demonize the Jews. Even if many people shared their outrage at the flyers, many more will accept their lies as truth and further denigrate the Jewish people. Propaganda usually holds just enough -  albeit twisted - truth to be believable.

As to the current flyers, several things need to be brought up. They either list all the people involved in handling Covid as Jews, or they show a list of Biden's administration staff who are Jewish. The goal is to make people believe that the Jews control everything for their own benefit. This takes us back to the 1903 hoax written by Sergei Nilus "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" claiming to be the minutes of a Jewish cabal meeting organized to take over the whole world.

Also on the flyer, is a quote from Revelation 2:9, "I know your tribulation and your poverty (but you are rich) and the slander of those who say that they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan." It seems to indicate that the Jews are from the synagogue of Satan, in other words, demon-possessed. It certainly doesn’t help when early theologians like John Chrysostom used those words with authority to denigrate the Jews. Contextually, the Synagogue of Satan is most likely describing gentiles acting like Jews and corrupting Jewish customs. When kept in the proper context, these accusations cannot be antisemitic as they were not directed towards Jews. It does give a very negative reputation to Christians, as well as, give fuel to the Jewish community for claiming that the New Testament is antisemitic. The quote of Revelation 2:9 gives the creators of the flyer some false cred, painting them as Christians, while they are most certainly not.

Possibly the most ironic statement made on the flyer is, "These flyers were distributed randomly without malicious intent." Seriously? The flyer claims that the Jews control everything and that they are from the synagogue of Satan, not to mention the link to the virulently antisemitic site, and there is no malice? What about the fact that they were all distributed in states that have large Jewish demographics?

The flyers are a sign of the times. They tell us that it continues to be very dangerous for Jewish people around the world. They are part of the propaganda to turn the world against the Jews. We do know that the whole world will eventually turn against the Jews from Zechariah 12:3, "On that day I will make Jerusalem a heavy stone for all the peoples. All who lift it will surely hurt themselves. And all the nations of the earth will gather against it." This is not an invitation to do nothing. On the contrary, it is a call to action. The bullies against Israel and the Jews will always exist and will even increase in numbers, but they must be fought, exposed and punished by law. We also know that at the end of the story, Satan is defeated, and Yeshua prevails. Israel will never be forsaken by God no matter how hard bullies and anti-Semites come at her (Jeremiah 31:35-37).

We will not be able to completely eradicate antisemitism until Yeshua Ha Mashiach, the Prince of Peace is back on earth, and we enter the Messianic Kingdom in His presence. Until then, we cannot end it, but we certainly can fight it and show the Jewish people who their friends truly are.

The flyers are to be taken very seriously. They are proof that the Jewish people continue to be the victims of propaganda. Propaganda is very pernicious. It patiently infiltrates all levels of society to brainwash people into believing lies as the truth. It worked for Hitler and Goebbels, and if we remain silent, it will work for the new anti-Semites of the twenty-first century. What's next, the burning of Jewish books again? Goebbels would be so proud!

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