With the Help of UNESCO, Palestinian Persistence Could Succeed!

I lost my respect for the Nobel Prize Academy when in 1994, they awarded a joint Nobel Peace Prize to Yassir Arafat along with Shimon Peres and Yitzhak Rabin. Such political correctness blinding the committee to the point of painting Arafat as a peace hero in the Middle East was nauseating. Man's propensity for trusting established humanitarian organizations is often based on a name and /or reputation, but as well intentioned as it might be, it shouldn't be done blindly. The same principle applies to many United nations agency in general and UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization) in particular.

Starting with their motto "Building Peace in the Minds of Men and Women", we realize that their concept of peace might be different from what we are used to. What they mean by peace is more like social justice, that of course is all relative, especially as it pertains to the Middle East. The hypocrisy is unbearable! I am not saying that UNESCO has never accomplished anything worth its motto, of course not! Yet, along with a lot of other organizations, when it comes to Israel, UNESCO is plagued with the virus of double-standards.

On Thursday, October 13 in Paris at its executive Board Meeting, UNESCO passed a preliminary measure with 24 votes for, 6 against and 26 abstentions including the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany amongst others. The measure is a repeat of another one that was adopted in April 2016, and will be put to a final vote in late-October 2016.

The Palestinian authority continues to propose "Palestinian" sites for inclusion on UNESCO world heritage "in danger" list like the village of Battir in the Judean hills. But this is akin to listing Atlantis–with a hard to prove historicityas a historical site to be preserved. This is exactly what they are attempting to do with the mosque located atop the Temple Mount. They are trying to give historical credence to a site that–while hosting a genuine Muslim mosque– doesn't have any Muslim historical significance. One must be reminded that the Qur'an doesn't even mention Jerusalem by name, but UNESCO isn't going to be bothered by these kind of details!

Yet that is not enough. They also aim at delegitimizing Israel of any historical connection to the land. It would be one thing to claim that Christianity, Islam and Judaism all have a claim to the land one way or another. But what UNESCO is agreeing to do now, is to eradicate all Jewish history. In fact, they are not even mentioning the Temple Mount and the Western Wall by any Jewish reference but instead is calling it by its Muslim name “Al-Aqsa Mosque” and “Haram al-Sharif”, emphasizing its Islamic significance.

The Jewish Temple was there thousands of years before the mosque which was built hundreds of years after the Temple was destroyed by the Romans in 70 CE. The Temple's existence can be proven geographically, historically, archeologically and biblically. There is without a doubt–at least for any serious historian– a Jewish connection to Jerusalem.

So the question remains as to why UNESCO is pushing for the islamization of a recognized Jewish site? The resolution passed in April 2016 calls Israel the "Occupying Power", accuses Israel of the storming of “Al-Aqsa Mosque” but never mentions the throwing of rocks from the Temple Mount onto Jewish worshippers at the Western Wall. Also in that resolution is an attempt at making the tomb of the Patriarchs which is located in Hebron, a solely Palestinian site.

UNESCO has a long history of site preservation under the World Heritage program. They have done a lot of good to preserve and teach history to the world and as such have established a reputation that currently allows them to move against Israel without being questioned or challenged, except maybe by a few organizations such as ADL or the Simon Wiesenthal Center . This move has nothing to do with preserving history since it isn't based on verifiable history. As always in most antisemitic attempts, the move is seldom to promote or protect the Palestinian people but more to demonize and delegitimize Israel.

Considering that the April draft was submitted by Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, and Sudan, one shouldn't be surprised at the anti Jewish sentiment. This recent move by the Palestinian Authority (PA) to have UNESCO completely de-Judaize the Temple Mount and Western Wall would have never take root even twenty years ago, but the PA's patience, endurance and boldness are starting to pay off.

Israel and the Jewish people do not have much of a voice at the United Nations and/or UNESCO, no matter how rooted in history they are. On the other hand, Palestine continues to move forward on the road to world recognition which puts them closer to their only goal; the complete destruction of Israel. UNESCO is well on its way to become a co-perpetrator alongside the Palestinians. Seriously, if the Jewish people have no historical right to the land and they have nowhere else to go, what prevents the enemies of Israel from finishing the job that Hitler started?

Go ahead, build a security wall…Unless of course you are Israel!

Most people have heard about the Great Wall of China, started in the 7th century AD and continued for almost 1,000 years. It was built to originally protect China from repeated Eurasian invasions and continued to be used for border control over the centuries. It measures over 13,000 miles, which is no small feat.

A much smaller wall is currently being erected in the northwest part of France in the town of Calais. It has already been dubbed "The Great Wall of Calais." This new wall is being completely financed by recently "Brexited" Britain, hoping to protect their autonomy and borders from unwanted, illegal migrants. Calais is situated on the shores of northwestern France and has been a seaport connection between the UK and France for a very long time. Much business has been generated through that two-way venue, as well as much human traffic for work, tourism AND immigration. But lately, it is the immigration aspect of the human ebb and flow that is attracting attention. Britain is worried by the constant influx of African and Middle-Eastern migrants on the shores of Dover.

Thousands of recent migrants congregate in Calais in an area known as "The Jungle." It is unsafe, unsanitary and very difficult to control. France appears determined to put an end to the camps. In the meantime, Britain is building the wall and "flipping the bill." Reaction to this 4 feet high mass of concrete along both sides of the road leading to the port has been less than favorable. Even though the wall won't come to completion until the end of 2016, many think that it is a waste of time, space and money. But the concern is real as migrants build barricades daily to slow down the many trucks on that road and hitch a ride to the other side of the Channel illegally. The area has even been declared a "no-go zone" at night.

The Wall at Calais might or might not become a deterrent for illegal migrants; time will tell. In the meantime, it is receiving a lot of controversial press as well as many opinions about its efficacy or lack of. But one thing that nobody is too concerned about is the potential breech of human rights, unethical aspect of the wall or apartheid attitude of France and/or Britain, like let's say.....Israel!

Israel has been working on their security fence/wall for several years since 2003. Hundreds of lives have already been saved because of the fence. It has been a very difficult diplomatic and political battle for Israel, constantly accused of being an "Apartheid State." Comparing Israel to South Africa is far from honest since Apartheid in South Africa was based on racial tension and falsely assumed elitism, while Israel has been building its wall solely for security reasons. Protecting Israeli citizens–which incidentally include many arabs–has been at the forefront of the wall agenda. I am convinced that if Palestinians stopped the bombings, stabbings and suicide attacks, the wall could and probably would go down.

The double-standard used regarding the building of walls (including the recent one started by Saudi Arabia to also protect itself from ISIS terrorists) is upholding. France and England build a wall to protect themselves from illegal migrants who most likely include sleeper ISIS members, and that's OK! Saudi Arabia builds a 600 miles wall to keep ISIS out, and that's OK! So why is Israel building a wall to keep terrorists out considered to be a human rights violation?

Israel is the ONLY Jewish state in the world. It is the Jewish State from a political perspective (1948), but from a biblical standpoint, it has also been the Jewish land for several thousands of years prior to that time. It appears as if the whole world is continuing to build its wall around Israel to ostracize the Jewish people into a 21st century ghetto. That's the most unethical, dangerous and hateful wall of them all, but nobody really says a word or even cares about that one!

Is Reverse Assimilation Changing the Fabric of Europe Forever?

For the last several decades, Europe has been a haven of opportunities for immigrants from a myriad of countries. For various reasons going from political to economic to ethnic, people from all over the world have flocked to the continent, slowly changing the demographics of "Old Europe."

The reasons for the various immigrants to leave their countries were not necessarily the same as the reasons for the hosting countries to accept them. In many cases like France and Germany in the 1950s and following decades, the hosting countries were interested in cheap labor as well as a labor force that would be willing to take on the tasks that some of the natives deemed unworthy. I grew-up in the 1960s in France where almost all street sweepers and trash collectors were either Arabs or Africans. Immigrants came seeking a better life, they didn’t always get it.

Fifty years ago, there was already a noticeable influx of refugees from Muslim countries. Islam was a reality, but it had not evolved into this multi-faceted ideology punctuating the lives of a newer generation of Muslims. Islam of the 1950 and 60s was harmless. Harmless because it wasn't political and hadn't had a chance to get radicalized yet.

Back then, the willingness of most European countries to take in immigrants was somewhat shrouded with naiveté. These destitute and abused people needed protection regardless of their upbringing, countries of origin and/or religion. None of it mattered when it came to provide them with safe haven, and rightfully so–even if there was the ulterior motive of cheap labor. It was the right thing to do then, but is it still the right thing to do now? In theory, YES, but things are much more complicated today than they were fifty years ago.

The unspoken expectation of the hosting countries was that their new influx of immigrants would assimilate. They would learn the language if needed. They would get any job available to provide for their family and they would adopt the culture or at the very least adapt to it. This isn't to say that they couldn't remain culturally and spiritually connected to their origins. It is perfectly normal and encouraged to maintain our customs in the home. I am a Jew born in Paris, France who lives in America. I can continue to practice anything Jewish at home or in a congregational setting as well as maintain my French customs and habits if desired, as long as I assimilate within the American culture and society to become a fruitful member of that very society.

Almost every religion and/or ethnic group in the world has understood and accepted these parameters as they moved to different countries to seek better lives. Unfortunately–and this isn't an attempt at profiling–a section of Islam has done the very opposite. They have refused to assimilate or integrate socially and have forced themselves into self-imposed ghettos. They have re-organized as mini enclaves of Islam in their respective hosting countries, gradually expecting the hosts to assimilate to their [Muslim] way of life. It has been a slow process, vastly ignored by ignorance or by choice. But in the last 10 years, Islamic radicalism has been pushing faster, stronger and further.

We are seeing a reverse assimilation of natives in various European countries. The very countries that were supposed to positively influence the migrants coming to them are being influenced and increasingly "forced" to flex to a foreign ideology that I believe is changing the fabric of Europe forever. This is upside-down assimilation, and in the context of Islam is also known as "dhimmitude." Consider just a few decisions made by these European countries:

• France will start teaching Arabic in primary school in the fall of 2016.
• The UK has introduced and enforced a halal (permissible food under sharia law) menu in many schools.
• Germany passed the politically correct law "No Means No" to protect women from being raped. The new law is meant to be effective without insulting potential rapists or risking to be called an Islamophobe. Keep in mind that we are dealing with an ideology where women have very little rights and saying no carries no weight at all.
• Sweden and is spending more resources on migrants than on their own people.
• Belgium has allowed Muslim neighborhoods (read "No-Go Zones") to grow to the point of losing control of these sharia ruled sections of Brussels like Molenbeek.

This reverse assimilation effect that is currently plaguing most of Europe can only lead to the subjugation and Islamization of the continent, unless stricter laws are passed and enforced, and borders better controlled or even closed. Not to mention the potential terrorists freely infiltrating all of Europe, completely unchecked. I fear that most Europeans already feel overwhelmed and that they have given up on fighting back. Most governments realize that they are in a crisis, yet the demon of political correctness has possessed them, muted their voices and tied their hands. They have become the puppets of Islamo-fascism. In many cases like Sweden, France and Germany, the Muslim voting block is now making a difference between victory or defeat for key candidates.

Assimilation and integration of Muslims in Europe has been a complete failure. No-Go Zones do exist against the media's propaganda telling us that they don't. The migrant crisis of the last two years has nothing in common with the Muslim immigration of the last fifty years, but Europe is still handling it like it does, that will not work! It is time to wake up, lest you are awakened by the voice of a muezzin in the early hours of the morning from a minaret near you!

Southern Baptists support Israel "for such a time as this!"

The Southern Baptist Convention (the largest evangelical denomination in America), just passed a resolution that boldly proclaims support for Israel. This is not highly unusual for the SBC that has a solid reputation for supporting Israel and the Jewish people. Yet, it comes at a time when other evangelical denominations such as PC USA have chosen to pledge allegiance to the Palestinian cause and are heavily promoting its narrative with whatever baggage comes with it (Christian Palestinianism, BDS, Campus Intifada to name a few.)

The SBC has a long history of biblical support of Israel coming from a rather conservative and mostly dispensational view of the land and its people. That biblical foundation can be found in the new resolution, especially in articles 1-4, 8 and 11 reading as follows:
• The Old Testament declares God’s promise to Abram, “I will make you into a great nation…. I will bless those who bless you, I will curse those who treat you with contempt, and all the peoples of the earth will be blessed through you” (Genesis 12:1–3)
• Israel represents the descendants of Jacob as an ethnic, cultural, and national entity (Genesis 32:28)
• The New Testament affirms that salvation is from the Jews and that God’s Word concerning Israel will be fulfilled (John 4:22; Romans 9–11)
• We are to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and for the salvation of Israel (Psalm 122:6–7; Romans 10:1)
• We thankfully remember that we are indebted to the Jewish people, who gave us much of our Bible and our Lord Jesus Christ, the Messiah.
• At this critical time when dangerous forces are mounting up against the nation of Israel, we recommit ourselves to pray for God’s peace to rule in Jerusalem and for the salvation of Israel, for the Gospel is “God’s power for salvation to everyone who believes, first to the Jew” (Romans 1:16).

This 2016 resolution (#5) is different because it is extremely bold. It clearly speaks out against the vile agenda of the new antisemitism. The biblical approach taken by SBC regarding Abraham, the Jewish people and Jerusalem has become somewhat of an expected position by the SBC–not that every single one of its sixteen million members adhere to it in one accord. But this wan't just a theological resolution, it was also a political move by SBC, as delineated in articles 5, 6 and 9. This is what makes it very unique:
• The Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) Movement seeks to isolate the nation of Israel economically and socially.
• We are concerned by anti-Israel activities in this country within certain university campuses, academic and professional associations, and popular culture.
• We support the right of Israel to exist as a sovereign state and reject any activities that attack that right by promoting economic, cultural, and academic boycotts against Israel.

SBC made a bold statement against the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement. To date, twenty three US states as well as some evangelical denominations have taken a stand against BDS. More and more people are seeing the destructive agenda of the Palestinian Authority through the BDS propaganda. They are also realizing that it is extremely biased at best and certainly seldom relying on factual truth if ever! I would have liked to see the SBC statement to read more like: "The Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) Movement seeks to unjustly isolate the nation of Israel economically and socially. But even without that clarification, their statement is already going further than many other denominations.

Continuing its political stand for Israel, the SBC resolution also denounced the [antisemitic] activities across many American university campuses. This is also known as Campus Intifada and is more present on the West coast in places like UC Davis, UC Berkeley and UC Irvine. It consists of pro-Palestinian groups gathering on US campuses where antisemitic speakers come to boldly accuse Israel. These are US university campuses you say...So what about Freedom of Speech? I would tend to agree, except that when pro-Israel groups or speakers attempt to speak or simply dialogue, they are harassed and abused with very little disciplinary action from university faculty or management.

It was very brave for the Southern Baptist Convention to put out such a resolution. The current evangelical trend is to not show support to Israel. Christian Zionists are turning into Christian Palestinianists as the biblical narrative is increasingly suffering from historical revisionism. This is why conferences like Christ at the Checkpoint are becoming more and more attractive to mainstream evangelicals including "once reputable" names such as Hank Hanegraaff.

This pendulum swing creates a grave danger for Israel and diaspora Jews at a time when they already suffer from a resurgence of violent antisemitism. Jewish people suffer at the hands of the liberal left, the extreme-right AND radical Islam. Biblical Christianity understood and applied properly should offer a "No-Strings-Attached" sanctuary to Jews worldwide. In light of current events and the rise of End-Times antisemitism, the SBC made a very unpopular move. In other words, they made a biblically correct move, knowing very well that it was politically incorrect. Jews and Southern Baptists might still disagree on who the Messiah is but this obviously doesn't negate the Southern Baptists' unconditional love for Israel, simply because the SBC answers to a higher authority and takes the Bible very seriously. They made the right move for such a time as this!

UNESCO and Israel: Factual Truth or Fatal Lies?

The United Nation Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) was started in 1945 as some sort of "intellectual" agency from the United Nations. Their motto is "Building peace in the minds of men and women." Over the last 70 years, they contributed to, enhanced and preserved our planet from many different perspectives. They indeed have done much good, but lately, as if possessed by the spirit of multicultural tolerance, political correctness and/or historical revisionism, they seem to be interested in throwing Israel under the bus.

Most people have forgotten or didn't even know that in October 2011, UNESCO recognized Palestine as their 195th member country. Back then, I warned that this would only open the door to more damage done against Israel and the Jewish people. There is no Palestinian culture, history, language, customs or even foods. All of the above are Arab, not Palestinian. But the pro-Palestinian propaganda has been going for long enough for even an organization such as UNESCO to believe it. If Israel is indeed Palestine (which it is not!), then many if not all Jewish archeological and historical sites will become Palestinian/Muslim sites. That is part of the package of historical revisionism, first you lie about history, then fabricate a story to replace factual truth and finally expose the players within real history to a great danger because suddenly they have been delegitimized.

An agency founded on peace and justice for all is endorsing terrorism and violence and is in the process of  rewriting history. On their World Heritage List, UNESCO chooses to list the "Church of the Nativity and the Pilgrimage Route" as being in Palestine not Israel. But this shouldn't come as much of a surprise when we see that since 1978, UNESCO has selected November 29th as "International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People".

Then in 2012, UNESCO declared that the Jewish site of Rachel’s tomb was also a Christian AND Muslim site and that to say otherwise would be a hindrance to the peace process. Palestinians decided that the site was holy to them and was part of their heritage, even though Islam was only founded 1500 years ago. The site goes back way further than 1500 years and is mentioned in Genesis 35:19 as the place where the Jewish matriarch was buried. It has zero Palestinian connection!

To add insult to injury, UNESCO decided in 2013 that Israel and the United States–while retaining their membership–will lose their voting power because they had both stopped paying their dues after the 2011 inclusion of Palestine. I guess they [UNESCO] got a bit upset when the US contribution equal to 22% of their total budget stopped. I commend the United States and Israel for taking a stand in an age of cowardice and hypocrisy.

Finally, in what I see as another by-product of UNESCO's historical revisionism of the last 40 years, they declared on April 15, 2016 that the Temple Mount, the holiest of Jewish sites had no Jewish connection. If you believe that, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you–a bridge, I might add, that has no connection to America! (is that how historical revisionism starts?)

This didn't go well with Benjamin Netanyahu who immediately and rightfully so declared “This is yet another absurd UN decision, UNESCO ignores the unique historic connection of Judaism to the Temple Mount, where the two temples stood for a thousand years and to which every Jew in the world has prayed for thousands of years. The UN is rewriting a basic part of human history and has again proven that there is no low to which it will not stop.”

One of my professor in Bible college years ago called it the "Salami Effect." You take a people group, a country or a part of history, in our case Israel and the Jewish people and you start cutting away small truths about them. The slices are so thin that nobody really notices any changes. Eventually, one slice of factual truth at a time, you have delegitimized Israel and the Jewish people.

The last time that the Jewish people were delegitimized was during World War Two, when they were relegated to the status of vermin, virus or even sub-human. The result was the Shoah or Holocaust. If the Jewish people keep losing their land and their history, then they will once again lose their legitimacy as a people, and will be one step closer to being decimated again. Only days before Yom Ha Shoah on Nissan 27, we are reminded of the importance of factual truth!

These moves not only delegitimize Israel and the Jewish people, but hey also embolden her enemies. When Israel makes a legitimate claim, it runs the risk of being countered by people who now have been reassigned legitimacy. All this is being done with absolutely no historical foundation, simply in an attempt to weaken Israel. If factual truth mattered, UNESCO would obviously admit that the Temple Mount existed centuries before Islam was even born in 610 CE. Archeological and historical evidence are here to prove it and it should be exactly what the United Nation Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization uses to determine the legitimacy of historical sites. Why is it different for Israel? I think that once again the jewish state is a victim of the ills of double standards. So what exactly is UNESCO trying to accomplish in the Middle East? Are they really applying their motto "Building peace in the minds of men and women" to their actions? How could this possibly be the case?

France/Israel Relations: A "Fait Accompli" disguised as an Ultimatum!

French foreign Minister Laurent Fabius wants to revive the talks between Israelis and Palestinians in an effort to come to an agreement regarding a two-state solution. Mr. Fabius is hoping to be able to break the current deadlock. Peace in the Middle East has become some sort of "Holy Grail" in global diplomacy. Some key players like the United States and several countries in the European Union have tried–to no avail– to play their role in bringing peace to the region. France is at it again with Mr. Fabius "ultimatum." I would commend France for such an effort if it wasn't so one-sided.

Actually, I would venture to say that it is more than one-sided. It is not much of an ultimatum, and it is devious at best. Mr. Fabius just announced that Israel and Palestine need to work towards reviving the peace talks. It sounds like France is expecting Israelis and Palestinians to come to some sort of compromise towards a two-state solution. Yet, if Israel doesn't flex under France's pressure, France will de facto recognize "the State of Palestine."

It is obvious that France is biased in favor of the Palestinian since nothing is expected of them. As a matter of fact, why would they do or say anything since Israel failure to comply will get them statehood recognition from France? Is it possible that Mr. Fabius knows full well that the talks will amount to nothing if in fact they resume at all? If this is the case, then Mr. Fabius could be accused of moving forward with in tent to fully fail, only for the purpose of recognizing Palestine. This is not only biased, it is also a very coward move by France. Seriously, if you want to recognize Palestine, just say it since all your deeds already point towards it.

Everything already lead us to believe that France doesn't care much about Israel and/or the Jewish people. Currently the third largest Jewish community in the world after Israel and the United States, France is losing its Jewish community fast. Almost 16,000 Jewish people made Aliyah from France in the last 2 years because of antisemitism. As a matter of fact, up to 25% of French Jews have expressed their desire to move to Israel. That is between 100,000 and 125,000 people.

Laurent Fabius' decision to recognize Palestine shouldn't surprise the Jewish community. Frankly, I am surprised that it hasn't already happened. It was Sweden that lead the pack within the European Union in 2014, and first recognized Palestine. Diplomatic relations between Israel and Sweden have been hurt as a result. Today, Sweden continues to widen the gap by allowing more antisemitic acts to freely take place within their borders, such as the publishing of schoolbooks where Israel doesn't exist. This is just one small–not so influential–country of the EU that has recognized Palestine. France, on the other hand is a major international player. If Mr. Fabius goes ahead with Palestinian recognition, many more European countries will undoubtedly follow suit.

France's hypocrisy is so painful to watch. One one hand, Prime Minister Manuel Valls declared that France without her Jews would no longer be France, and on the other hand, Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius decides to slap Israel in the face with a "damn if you do/damn if you don't" pseudo ultimatum. This would already be wrong if both Israel and the Palestinians  were equally at fault. This makes the decision even more imbalanced when one consider the terror dispensed by Hamas and Fatah on a daily basis. Was Hamas asked to stop the violence? No! Was anything said about the numerous knife stabbings of the last few months? Not really!

What is so tragic about France's one-sided decision to recognize Palestine with no strings attached and no accountability, is that it isn't going to stop the violence. On the contrary, it will most likely embolden the Palestinians and encourage them to pursue terrorism.  Even though the spokesman for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, said" There is no doubt that a French recognition of the Palestinian state will contribute to building peace and stability in the region", we know that the opposite will happen. After all, if all that they are doing to Israel is rewarded with statehood, why stop now?

Is A New Set of Global Nuremberg Laws on the Horizon?

The dehumanization of the Jewish people came to its apex during World War Two and the Holocaust. The German phenomenon did not take place overnight, but rather was the result of an incremental, yet constant persecution of the European Jewish community over the centuries.

Hitler and the Nazi Party gained power in 1933 and within two years started to implement policies that would lead to the "Final Solution to the Jewish Question", the infamous euphemism for the killing of six million Jews during the Holocaust.

The most notorious of these sets of laws was known as the "Nuremberg Race Laws" or more commonly "The Nuremberg Laws" (not to be confused with the post-war "Nuremberg Trials" of the Nazi murderers).

The Nuremberg Laws of 1935 were divided into two categories. One was The Law for the Protection of German Blood and German Honour and the other was The Reich Citizenship Law. Both were based on the false science of Eugenics or racial purity. In their entirety, the The Nuremberg Laws were aimed at ostracizing the Jews from German society to the point of making work, life and socializing virtually impossible. They represented the foundation for the Nazi definition of who is a Jew, who is Aryan and as a result who deserved to live and who deserved to die.

Marriage between Jews and non-Jews became forbidden. Jewish owned stores were taken over. Jews wanting to leave Germany were taxed up to 90% of their estates. Jews were required to carry identity cards with the letter "J" stamped on, a well as being forced to insert the middle name of "Israel" for males and "Sara" for females on their papers. Jewish doctors could no longer treat non-Jewish patients.
A complicated bureaucracy of anti-Semitic statutes was enacted, transforming the Jews from humans to animals to parasites, and thus requiring their "extermination" for the betterment of the world, or of the Third Reich at the very least.

The Nuremberg Laws were incremental but key to the systematic attempt at the destruction of European Jewry.

Is it possible that only eighty years later, we are starting to see what could be called "a new set global Nuremberg Laws?" Just like most of the German populace didn't notice or even react to the racial purity laws, today's global community seems unaware or worse; uninterested about this new phenomenon.
The fact that the global Jewish community suffers from anti-Semitism can no longer be denied. But it is no longer only racial purity that is being promoted. Much is being attempted to reduce the Jews to a nuisance to society. This compilation of anti-Jewish acts, decrees, exhibits, marches and even UN resolutions is seeing an exponential growth without much resistance from anybody at all.

Recently, the Brazilian government has passed a law that all Brazilian Jews born in Jerusalem will no longer have the word "Israel" on their passport. While the number of affected people is minimal in Brazil, the politically correct statement is clear: Jerusalem can no longer simply remain the Jewish Capital! Unbeknownst to most, this is also the standard procedure for the United States, Canada and France. It has of course become highly offensive and reeking with intolerance to many who are so "invested" in the Israeli-Arab conflict!

Just a couple of weeks ago, on some Air France in-flight maps of the middle East, Israel, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv were omitted and replaced with the words "Gaza" and "West Bank". It took no time for passengers to notice and start flooding the social networks with photos of the erroneous maps. Within days, Air France issued an apology and fixed what they called a "technical problem." I am at a loss trying to understand how this could possibly be a technical glitch. Words disappeared and were replaced by other words that are usually not on the map at any scale. Was it technical or political? Don't get me started?

In Spain, just a few days ago, the Jewish reggae singer Matisyahu was asked to recognize the Palestinian State to be allowed to participate in a music festival. After the artist categorically refused to flex under the political pressure, his show was cancelled by the festival.

These might appear as very little waves in an ocean of anti-Israel sentiment often hit by more devastating anti-Semitic tsunamis. They nevertheless are becoming more and more common and they are a sign of the times for the global Jew. They are little stabs in the Jewish identity that often go unnoticed but set-up the stage for more and more acceptance of the propaganda coming from the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanction) movement.

It is obvious that these are not laws against the Jews like we saw in the mid-thirties out of Germany. But in many ways, these attempts at demonizing the Jews and Israel can even be as lethal as simple laws. They come from many organizations, agencies and even common people who have naively (or some even willingly) bought into  the Palestinian narrative.

There is nonetheless a greater danger looming on the Jewish horizon. As we see more and more of the world being conditioned against the Jews and the State of Israel, it is only logical to expect very little resistance when real laws are enacted against them [the Jews].

A new set of Nuremberg Laws might not be a reality yet, but I have no doubt that the tentacles of a global anti-Jewish legislation are coming. When these laws become a reality to the Jews, will they be enough of a reality to you to say/do something?

In 1942, French Pastor André Trocmé answered a Vichy official about hiding and saving Jews in his village of Le Chambon-sur-Lignon and said:"These people came here for help and for shelter. I am their shepherd. A shepherd does not forsake his flock... I do not know what a Jew is. I know only human beings."

Will there be any "André Trocmé" left around when my people are hunted down again?

Does Amnesty International Think that Anti-Semitism isn't Worth Fighting?

In a world crippled by xenophobia and injustices of all kinds, we should welcome the work of organizations like Amnesty International (AI). Since 1961, this grassroots movement has been a global voice of outrage against racism, violence and injustice. Today, with over three million members and established branches in 68 countries, AI continues to fight for human rights and justice. Their mission statement is: "Amnesty International is a global movement of people fighting injustice and promoting human rights". A quick review of the half-century of work done by AI will suffice to prove the great need for such an organization. They have fought many fights and won many victories small and large.

Yet before I can rejoice for the work that they do, I must once again ponder and ask myself why would Amnesty International seem to ignore anti-Semitism?

During its annual conference in the UK, in March 2015, Amnesty International decided to table a motion to deal with the rise of anti-Semitism in  Britain. Of all the motions presented, it was the only one that was defeated. The reason given by Amnesty International was: “After a really interesting debate where everyone condemned discrimination against all ethnic and religious groups, our membership decided not to pass this resolution calling for a campaign with a single focus.”

Of course, if you dig a little, you quickly realize that Amnesty International operates with a set of double standards when it comes to Israel and the Jewish people. It was only three years ago when AI fought against Islamophobia in Europe in what clearly appeared to be a single focus campaign. As a matter of fact, they even published a 123-pages report to substantiate their claims. To be sure, I am not opposed to AI's work to fight Islamophobia; on the contrary, I support it. What really irks me is the fact that they would be so biased as to ignore one side and promote another.

Furthermore, their report of what took place during the Gaza War in the summer of 2014 is tainted with lies and inaccuracies. Of course, because of the impeccable reputation that AI has in the public arena, fact-finding is put aside and outrage against the Israeli "oppressors" and "bloodthirsty murderers" erupts.

Consider these statements recently made by AI when they were asked if they believed that Hamas was using human shields–something that has been proven beyond the shadow of a doubt: "Amnesty International is monitoring and investigating such reports, but does not have evidence at this point that Palestinian civilians have been intentionally used by Hamas or Palestinian armed groups during the current hostilities to “shield” specific locations or military personnel or equipment from Israeli attacks". The rest of the report is so one-sided that it will make you sick reading it.

Apparently, there are also some key staffers at AI like Kristyan Benedict who harbor clear anti-Semitic sentiments.  Benedict was recently heard comparing Israel to ISIS.
There is pro-Palestinianism and then there is anti-Semitism. Amnesty International can be found guilty of both. Their last conference in the UK proved it further when they chose to defeat the motion to fight anti-Semitism.

The new world standard for measuring justice and human rights seems to be irrationally connected to anti-Zionism and anti-Israelism. It is clear to me that these two words are simply code names for anti-Semitism. If AI doesn't revise their position soon, they could become "Scapegoating International", but then again, are there even enough people who care to show their outrage at their bias?

For Amnesty International, anti-Semitism might not be worth fighting for, but they certainly are not my role model. The Bible is my standard, and it isn't a double standard. It looks at the Jewish people as "the apple of God's eye" in Zechariah 2:8. It also shows many of Israel's shortcomings, just as it does show the iniquities for the rest of mankind, proving the need for a redeemer. The prophet Isaiah spoke of that Mashiach in Isaiah 52:13-53-12 in a very descriptive way. If Amnesty International is looking for true justice, I believe that they will only find it with the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Any other man made agenda is flawed.

Appeasement is a Weakness Leading to Collaboration!

Western civilization might very well be on a new threshold as world leaders have met in Lausanne, Switzerland regarding Iran's nuclear deal. The deadline arrived and yet, the talks yielded very little. The apparent progress made in the last few days in Europe warranted that the dialogue would continue. One of the big issues that Iran has is with sanctions imposed on them. Their economy has suffered greatly in the last few years, and they demand that sanctions be lifted in a way that would also prevent them from being reinstated automatically. Iran wants to have their diplomatic cake AND eat it too!

Many international voices have been heard on the topic of a nuclear Iran, and few if any are looking forward to that prospect. It is obvious that Iran is politically and ideologically very unstable. That fact was clearly delineated in a speech to Congress on March 3rd when Netanyahu risked his whole career, two weeks prior to the Israeli elections. His plea wasn't for the safety of Israel but for the survival of Western civilization. Against all odds, a predicted Likud loss turned into a miraculous landslide victory. The White House felt that this was the last straw that justified what could one day be remembered as "The Great Diplomatic Divorce" of the 21st Century. Never before had an American president showed so much contempt for Israel and its current Prime minister.

Our President has great hatred for Israel and its leaders while he is working overtime to appease Iran. Both feats validate his destructive ambitions by weakening our best allies in the Middle East and strengthening what the West could rightfully call the Great Satan, also known as the Islamic Republic of Iran. Mr. Obama is obsessed with the idea of striking up a deal with Iran as much as he is obsessed with the demonization of Israel. It would be understandable–albeit doubtful–if Iran would lie to America and the West about their intentions; but they don't even do that! How in the world do you even try to negotiate with a country that openly calls for the death of America?

This is a perfect example of appeasement. Mr. Obama is trying to convince the world that Iran not only can be included to the negotiating table, but that they can also be trusted. The Lausanne Iran Summit didn't yield the results hoped by world leaders. Iran made some promises in regards to slowing down enriching until they come to an agreement. But why would anybody trust Iran's pathological lying? They simply continue to provide lip service to a world that has its head buried so deep in the sand that nothing matters. All seems to indicate that sanctions will be lifted almost unconditionally. Additionally, Mr. Obama threatens to veto any move by the US Congress that would lead to new sanctions against Iran. This is pretty much the bulk of his foreign policy. He has worked very hard at trying to appease and even accommodate Iran's nuclear race. So much so that it could be argued that Mr. Obama is no longer simply appeasing Iran but he is now collaborating with Iran.

It is still a mystery to me why the US Senate was handed a report saying that Hezbollah and Iran are no longer considered part of the terrorist list. Seriously? Political analysts and pundits alike might speculate on Obama's reasons for forcing a relationship with the Islamic Republic of Iran, but the results is what matters! At this point it has become irrelevant if Mr. Obama wants Iran to arm themselves with nuclear capabilities or if he believes that they [Iran] just want to modernize their country's energy, the results will be the same. If Iran is allowed to continue their nuclear program unbridled as it is, the Middle East will be forced into a frenzied arms race that will tip the global scale forever.

Instead of confronting Iran, Mr. Obama facilitates their agenda. While there are mistakes that world leaders make and even regret as they look back on their political career, ignoring Iran's call to kill Israel and America could help us reach a point of no return. This wouldn't be a mistake but a catastrophe!

All the while, the White House's energy is spent denigrating Benjamin Netanyahu before and during his electoral campaign. Israel's nuclear secrets are being divulged by the current US administration. Do they not understand that they are shooting themselves in the foot by exposing Israel's nuclear intel? His disdain for Netanyahu and Israel coupled with his collaborating with Iran is doubly dangerous and could prove lethal to many.
It is very difficult for me to see Mr. Obama's foreign policy strategy as anything else than a destructive agenda for both the Middle East region and the rest of western civilization. But then again, he claimed he didn't have strategy to fight ISIS, so I might be giving him too much credit regarding his ability to formulate and implement a constructive foreign policy. Mr. Obama follows in the infamous footsteps of British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain who saw no risk in dealing with Adolf Hitler. History proved him wrong. Let's pray that the current "Appeaser-In-Chief" doesn't turn into a "Collaborator-In-Chief"